Explain this to me please,  If you do not have custody of the kid you already have can you just have another one? That is in fact what is going on with the slightly psychotic Jenelle Evans. The 21-year-old MTV reality show star is more than six weeks along with her second child.  Jenelle and Courtland Rogers, her now husband, shared the news that the baby is due September 4 and the two can't wait to be a mommy and daddy again.

Now check this out. Jenelle and Courtland are looking forward to their own family as neither has custody of their children they already have!  Her son Jace Evans lives with her mother Barbara Evans and his ex Taylor has custody of their daughter JaJa. WTF? We lost the two we have so lets just have another! Insanity. Jenelle hopes that having another child will help her regain custody of her first-born. Yeah. Good Luck. Poor kiddos.