When it come to the disease of addiction, some people just can't put it down. rehab centers, family love even a nes child in your life are good reasons not to use. But honestly Jesus himself can't stop an addict from using. The only solution for some is to lock them up for 23 hours a day until their body let's go.

That seems to be the case for "Teen Mom" star Amber Portwood, who thinks prison is the only way to save her life from a brutal drug addiction. Sources tell us, immediately following the reality TV star's incarceration, her last drug test came back positive for the opiate-based drug Suboxone, a highly addictive drug similar to Morphine, and heroine.

Law enforcement sources tell us, Portwood admitted she can't control herself around the drug even buying it off the street during her court-ordered drug program.  We're told Amber believes prison is the only way to get clean because it will force her to kick the addiction cold turkey.

The KISS family is thinking about Amber in her time of need. Drug addiction is not a problem of the poor or a problem of the black or ethnic communities. It is right here in our faces. Kids are tempted everyday at school.

Portwood is currently locked up and a judge will decide her sentence in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you posted on the story.

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