A mattress business in San Antonio is feeling the repercussions of a video that has now damaged their Miracle Mattress business.

A video posted Sept. 8 on the San Antonio Miracle Mattress Facebook page, promoted the recent sales they were having. In the background, you can see two stacks of twin mattresses. A bit goes on with three individuals ending with the twin mattresses falling over and the female saying "We will never forget."

The video was quickly taken down, but of course, the power of the internet grabbed the video and posted it to YouTube.

The Mattress company in the San Antonio region just sank their company. Over 2,000 one-star reviews, negative visitors posts, and continued shares the tasteless ad will likely sink the company.

Soon after the video was taken down a statement was released.

It's a huge uproar this morning on Facebook, take a look, let us know your thoughts.

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