A Huge Rocket Will Hit Earth This Weekend
Will Lubbock be hit by a giant space rocket this weekend?
The answer is, probably not, but as of this moment, nothing can be ruled out. According to the New York Times, Long March 5B, or at least a part of it, is falling towards Earth...
Earth Is Safe From Asteroid For At Least 100 Years
There is some good news this week. NASA officials say Planet Earth is safe from being hit by an asteroid that scientists have been studying for years.
According to NASA Asteroid Apophis will not be slamming into planet Earth within the next 100 years...
Will.I.Am Debuted a New Song Live From Mars! [VIDEO]
Yesterday on our facebook page I linked to the NASA website because Will.I.Am debuted a new song. But he didn't just play something new. They actually beamed his new song, "Reach For The Stars" (a little cheesy and obvious for a NASA mission?), to Mars and back to Earth!
Launching Our Dreams: 30 Years of Exploration
No longer will we look to the stars and wonder "what are they up there doing right now?" Take a look back at 30 years of our dreams of space become reality. A tribute to NASA's Space Shuttle Program and its 30 year history. Shame to see the end of an era. ...