A Very Gaga Thanksgiving Happens Tonight [VIDEO]
Lady Gaga is having herself a special tonight on ABC. Quite obviously titled "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving". I have no idea what it's about except Lady Gaga and Thanksgiving. what more do you need though right? After you've stuffed yourself with all the food you can eat, gut …
NKOTBSB On Dancing With The Stars [AUDIO]
I hope they have a big enough stage because there are 9 guys in the new NKOTBSB. And they will be doing their new song "Don't Turn Out The Lights" on Dancing With The Stars Tuesday night on ABC.
Chris Brown Apologizes For GMA Breakdown [VIDEO]
During an appearance on BET's "106 & Park", he said, quote, "First of all, I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, anybody who was offended or really disappointed in my actions, because I was disappointed in the way I acted." See the apology here.

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