Reports that Swamp Thing shut down its production weeks earlier than expected in its first season, with the show cut from 13 episodes to 10 foreshadowed another bit of bad news for the series: It’s ending after just one season on DC Universe, the company’s movies/tv/comics streaming service. The show just premiered there just a week ago, on May 31.

More, via TVLine:

A rep for the digital subscription service declined to comment on the super-quick cancellation, but sources confirm to TVLine that the freshman series will not be back for a second season. The live-action drama, which stars Crystal Reed (Gotham) as Abby Arcane, follows Abby as she investigates what seems to be a deadly swamp-born virus in a small Louisiana town. Not long after she starts poking around, she discovers that the local swamp holds mystical and incredibly terrifying secrets, and when unexplainable and chilling horrors emerge from the marsh, no one is safe.

The show itself has gotten strong reviews from fans, who largely enjoyed this take on the classic DC monster hero. With this early cancelation, 2019’s Swamp Thing won’t even come close to matching the run that the original Swamp Thing TV series had in the early ’90s. That USA show lasted 3 seasons and 72 episodes. DC Universe’s Swamp Thing did at least outlast the ’90s animated Swamp Thing, which only got five episodes before its own early cancelation. Poor Swamp Thing. He can never catch a break.

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