Lubbock's Sugarbrowns Coffee has now opened their 67th & Indiana location that I have low-key been stalking for months. Tuesday, February 9th, was their first "soft open" day, and I showed up like an over-eager neighbor to get my perfect latte. Indeed, the latte I got was as perfect as I expected.

In case you're unaware of industry terms, a soft open proceeds an official or grand opening. It gives restaurants an opportunity to find any kinks in their setup before being overloaded with customers. However, Sugarbrowns had several people enjoying coffee at 3:30 p.m. when I went, so I expect this to be a quite popular location. It certainly is with me, as it's very close to the radio station.

The coffee shop is sleek and modern, featuring a large marble-topped coffee bar that customers can pull up to, as well as a large group table and a few two tops. In addition to their well-crafted drinks, they have food items, proprietary Sugarbrowns coffee beans for sale and coffee-brewing implements, like pour-over carafes.

I'm always suspicious of any coffee place that looks upset or confused when I order my latte without flavor. Sugarbrowns gets it. No flavor is needed for their delicious espresso drinks, but you can certainly have it if you would like.

I snapped a few pictures, including their regular and seasonal menus. Remember: it is a soft open, so be gentle if you end up with a slight wait for your drink or if they are out of stock on an item. I did not experience any problems at all. And don't forget to tip your barista.

Sugarbrowns Now open on Indiana

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