I saw a Facebook post from an animal-loving friend of mine that absolutely blew me away. Someone in Seminole, Texas was trying to give away their current dogs because they got new ones.

I don't know if you read that correctly or not. Here are the details.

A lady by the name of Annie posted on Facebook that they were giving away their dogs because they got new ones. There wasn't anything wrong with their current dogs; they just got new ones because they wanted different dogs, I guess.


Maybe one day people will realize that you don't get a pet just until you get bored with it. You get a pet for life! You shouldn't just give some away because you felt like getting new ones. That's just wrong.

I'm not revealing any identities here, but if you find out who these people are, feel free to send them a nice message (please don't be nasty or cuss) about how pet owners SHOULD treat their animal friends.

Above is a screenshot of the lady's reasoning for giving their dogs away.


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