I know quite a few people in Lubbock who can't get enough stranger things, and I know I can't get enough of nostalgic products that have been brought back like Surge and Crystal Pepsi.

But Stranger Things has inspired Coca-Cola to bring back 'New Coke'.

From CNN:

So-called New Coke was a flop: Consumers reacted so poorly to the new drink that Coca-Cola pulled it from shelves after a few months. New Coke was rebranded as Coke II, and sold in some places after 1985. But this is the first time Coca-Cola is bringing back New Coke with that branding.

I hate to admit that I am old enough to remember New Coke and it was not good, at least not to me. The public revolted and that is why Coca-Cola Classic was brought back in.

But sad news, this will not be a nationwide release as only 500,000 cans of the reborn drink will be released at pop-up machine around the country.

No word if Lubbock will get one of them, I hope so, but doubt it!

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