Catherine Hicks, who played Stephen Collins' TV wife for over a decade, spoke out about her '7th Heaven' co-star's admission to sexually molesting young girls.

When a TMZ videographer caught up with her, Hicks (who played the family matriarch Annie Camden on the beloved WB show), seemed just as shocked as the rest of the world.

"I feel … I really have nothing to say. I don't know anything. Stephen's a good guy in my opinion," she said, shaking her head. And when asked if anyone on the show had any idea about Collins' behavior, Hicks was adamant.

"Gosh, no," she replied.

Since speaking to the actress, TMZ has unearthed more disturbing news about the case. The site reports that Collins' wife Faye Grant (who recorded audio of her estranged husband's admission) sent an email to the actor last year that expresses her regret at not leaving him after he allegedly made a horrific statement about their child.

"The comment you made just before I gave birth to our daughter when you said you hoped we didn't have a little boy, because 'you just didn't know if you could keep his little penis out of your mouth' was indication enough that you were sick," Grant reportedly emailed Collins (quote via TMZ). "I should have followed my gut then, and then again 14 years ago, and kicked your ass to the curb." (Sources reportedly call the claims in this email "absolutely untrue".)

For his part, Collins' lawyer has broken his silence about the audio recording, claiming that Grant leaked the tape (which she denied).

"Over the course of my representation of Stephen in the divorce case, Faye has repeatedly threatened to give this audiotape to the media unless Stephen agreed to pay her millions of dollars more than that to which she was legally entitled," he told TMZ. "... It appears that she has finally found an audience for this tape -- not surprisingly, on the eve of the trial in the divorce case where, again, she is seeking millions of dollars more than that to which she is legally entitled."

His attorney noted that while they would like to address Collins' confession, they cannot.

"Though we would like to address the tape itself, the circumstances dictate that we must regrettably refrain from doing so at this time," he explained.

Sources tell the site that the molestation that Collins confesses to in the recording "occurred between 20 and 40 years ago."

The fallout from Collins' confession continues to grow. In light of the audio release yesterday, he was fired from 'Ted 2.' Police arrived at the actor's home last night amid claims that the actor had attempted suicide by shooting himself, though this proved to be false.

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