A recent article featured on Brobible discusses why planning for Spring Break can be horrible. It got me thinking about what you can do to ensure a memorable break in the future.

Spring Break in Lubbock begins the week of March 16. If you haven't done the following things yet, you might be outta luck.

Oh, and as a best friend once told me: don't bring sand to the beach!
  • 1

    Confirm a crew

    Get those who you want to hang out with during Spring Break to commit in January at the latest to joining you on the adventure.

  • 2

    Pick a destination

    Get the details on where you want to go and reserve a place to stay at least a few months before hand. Try and save a few precious beer bucks by trying sites and apps like Airbnb, Homeaway and VRBO to get lodging reserved. Getting a condo, house or apartment is usually more affordable and more fun than staying in a roach motel.

  • 3

    Start putting away money

    It doesn't have to be much, but even stashing $50 a month will give you $600 to utilize over the span of a year of saving.

  • 4

    Confirm the dates

    It's always a pain when someone in your group finds out they can't get off work a week before spring break and has to come a day or two late. Make sure you get as many dates as possible locked down so nobody is left out.

  • 5

    Use sunscreen

    This only applies (no pun intended) if you're beach-bound. There are few things worse than living it up the first day on the sand and forgetting to put on plenty of sun protection. Sunburns are painful and dangerous and can instantly ruin the rest of the trip.

  • 6

    Easy does it on the drinking

    The one thing worse than a bad sunburn is a two-day hangover. (Or maybe that's the other way around?) Either way, if you go too hard on the alcohol your first few days and you'll be useless (and sick) the rest of the trip.