Students at Lubbock High School were evacuated from the building Tuesday morning (January 14th) after a fire alarm went off. This was not a fire drill or actual fire. Rather, someone inside the school falsely pulled a fire alarm.

Fire trucks were dispatched to Lubbock High from Lubbock Fire Rescue due to the false alarm, which principal Doug Young said was "intended to disrupt instruction and will not be tolerated." It's unclear if the school has pinpointed who pulled the fire alarm.

Here is the full email sent by Lubbock High School Principal Doug Young to parents about the incident:

Greetings Lubbock High Westerner Families,

Earlier today, a fire alarm was triggered on our campus and Lubbock Fire Rescue responded. The school was evacuated while the source of the alarm was determined. There was no fire and it was determined the alarm had been falsely pulled and students returned to class. This type of hoax is intended to disrupt instruction and will not be tolerated. Please remind your student that promoting false information can have serious consequences and to report any concerns to an administrator or teacher. Call me at 219-1600 if you have any questions. Student and staff safety is our highest priority. Thank you for your continued support for our school.


Doug Young
Lubbock High School Principal

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