Yes this actually happened. I guess its still happening. But its just wrong. So, so, wrong. 

I don't know who Kids Pop are, but someone there thought that kids covering N.W.A.'s gangsta rap hit "Straight Outta Compton" was an ok thing. Its not. Not in any way. Did you know that the original has 10 cuss words in it, in the first verse? And I'm not counting the racial stuff either. That's just Ice Cube's first verse. And its all about the guys in N.W.A. and their friends fighting to stay alive in the hood, against cops, other gangs, and dealing drugs and guns. So while its a freakin' awesome song, and a great stamp on a piece of time for many of us, it is NOT ok for someone to cut a kids version. Just no.

But listen to it anyway cause its just that bad.

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