KISS FM is proud to welcome Snoop Dogg this Sunday, October 23rd, at the Cactus Courtyard. The show is expected to be the biggest rap show of 2011 and Snoop never disappoints live. Snoop is also one of the most talented rappers alive still. Happy 41st Birthday to Snoop and get ready for the him to blow the Hub City away. Check out our list of the five songs we are most excited to see live on Sunday.

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    Sweat or Wet has one of the best music videos and hottest remixes around. It's the live performance though we are looking forward to because once it drops, everyone will dance. It may be chilly but we'll wanna see everyone Sweat.

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    Sensual Seduction

    Sensual Seduction or Sexual Eruption will have everyone singing along and acting like the song is about them. "She might be with him but she's thinking bout me" will be sung at the top of every man's lungs.

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    I'm pretty sure T-Pain won't be in attendance to do the song with Snoop but it will still be a monster once the beat drops. You might get tired after this one after all the moving and shaking you'll be doing.

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    Gin & Juice

    Off of Doggystyle and easily his most well known song is Gin and Juice. No matter what age or background you come from, you know the words to this song. Should be the biggest singalong of the night.

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    Who Am I (What's My Name)?

    It's easily our favorite song by Snoop and the one we're looking forward to the most. Nuff Said.

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