"Jersey Shore" is reportedly planning on "phasing out" Snooki and The Situation, in favor of new, wilder cast members. Wilder than Snooki? Was there an episode in season 5 that she didn't either fall down, have to be carried home or went pee-pee in her pants? I can;t wait to see wilder than that!

MTV expects to have all seven cast members back when "Jersey Shore" begins filming its sixth season this summer but Snooki and The Situation may not be doing all that much partying. Snooki will still be pregnant, and The Situation is in rehab. (He says he's being treated for a "prescription medication problem" but there's talk he has an alcohol problem, too.)

TMZ says the producers are worried the show will lose its, quote, "sex-crazed alcohol-fueled edge" so they're thinking about taking this opportunity to work in some fresh blood. i can't say that I agree with that. What kind of message does that send to out kiddos that love the shore? That if you choose not to be a sloppy drunk you dont get to be on TV anymore? WTF ???
Supposedly, the plan is to "limit" Snooki and the Situation's roles, to give the new cast members more screen time. There's no official word on any of this.
In related news, TMZ also says that the Situation is not being allowed to expose his glorious abs while in rehab.
They claim they've obtained a copy of the facility's "wardrobe guidelines," which bans "muscle shirts, sleeveless tops, ripped jeans, hats, sunglasses, and all clothing with obscene language." That's like a Guido's entire wardrobe, Im sure he is miserable!
The guidelines also say that there should be, quote, "no abdominal exposure." Apparently, that's aimed at females, but it could also apply to The Situation.

All jokes aside, I hope The Situation gets the help he needs. It's a big step to admit you have a problem and to ask for help. All my prayers for my boy from the Shore.

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