Alas, the 39th season of 'SNL' has come and gone with this past weekend's return of cast alumni Andy Samberg (along with a number of others). Though, even with the tremendous 40th anniversary special looming in our futures, season 39 had one last golden egg to give. Watch Andy Samberg sell a unique cologne in a deleted short from this past weekend's 'SNL.'

Though not quite the demure brilliance of Andrew Garfield's 'Wing,' the latest 'SNL' deleted sketch offered up a strong showcase for Samberg with some fairly simple body humor. Promoting "Testicules," the short finds Samberg in a cologne commercial, complete with the requisite tuxedos and fashion shows, while everyone he passes notices the unique scene emanating from a fairly self-explanatory region.

Otherwise, Samberg's finale hosting duties proved more or less on point, save for a few truly bizarre (and mercifully short) sketches like "Legolas at Taco Bell" or "Confident Hunchback." Samberg's sketches weren't among our favorite 10 of the season, but anything pre-taped from the 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star usually plays big, particularly with The Lonely Island.

While we begin the long wait until the season 40 premiere, check out Andy Samberg's deleted 'SNL' sketch "Testicules" above, and tell us in the comments if you think it deserved inclusion!

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