We can finally announce who the bar-none, no-excuse, better-than-anyone-else greatest athlete of all-time in Texas Tech history is.

It was a heated final between Zach Thomas and Sheryl Swoopes, but after a long set of battles, Sheryl Swoopes has won the war.

After going through her bracket facing Rick Bullock, Darvin Ham and Andre Emmett, Swoopes faced Wes Welker before hitting Zach Thomas in the finals.

No surprises here: She absolutely dominated this bracket, not getting close until Zach Thomas in the finals.

There's no debate that Swoopes deserves the recognition. She not only brought Texas Tech a National Championship in Basketball, but went on to be an Olympian and win multiple championships in the WNBA. Success definitely followed Swoopes in her playing days.

I'm sure Sheryl will hold this honor just as highly as her Hall of Fame honors and MVPs.

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