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The Seminole Emergency Medical Service Director has said that due to the number of COVID-19 patients taking up beds, patients may not be able to be transported to Seminole Memorial Hospital.

KAMC News reports that patients would instead be given transport options based on daily reports of bed counts provided by other facilities in the region. This is the first time Seminole EMS has ever had to transport patients elsewhere due to the lack of availability at Seminole Memorial Hospital.

In the statement, Seminole EMS said that if you're experiencing a non-life-threatening illness or need COVID-19 testing to call 432-758-1155. Local emergency rooms are being overwhelmed right now with critically ill patients, so the wait time seen may be longer than normal.

Seminole EMS Director Carly French said this:

I ask you to pray for all health care workers during this time. We deal with death on a daily basis. We accept that fact when signing up for this profession. However, when dealing with critical patients that need a higher level of care and having them die while waiting on a bed, it creates a whole new level of emotional and mental stress. I worry about the future of the healthcare industry. We are called to help and take care of people. We do it for the sake of our community. However, when you cannot provide relief or help, it is taxing on the soul. It takes the joy, passion, and contentment out of our calling. I worry about the longevity of the new and even the experienced healthcare providers career.

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