We knew there was a reason for that Facetime app -- it's so Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift can virtually share a spot of tea with their pal Demi Lovato!

The trio did just that on Saturday night (Dec. 28), with Gomez sharing a screenshot of the adorable moment on Instagram. It's too cute. We can't even.

She captioned the cutesy photo as such: "Just a Saturday night. Taylor's tea, Demi's laugh. Honestly, can't complain."

Now, if only we could see the video. Curse you, one way communication!

It would seem that Selena, who recently canceled her Australian and Asian tour, is immensely enjoying her time off, spending it with friends and family. Virtually and otherwise. Good for her! It's been rumored that Sel has lupus and the autoimmune disorder is catching up with her, requiring some rest. What better way to take it easy than while surrounded by ladies you love?

Who needs boys when you have a clutch of good girlfriends? Just sayin'.

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