What do you get when you mix Selena Gomez, a few of her friends, and her BFF Taylor Swift's new single? A video by Gomez + Co., of course!

The video, which is shot in black and white, features the girls dancing to Swift's latest hit 'I Knew You Were Trouble,' and it's perfectly clear how much time and effort they spent choreographing the little number, because dang, do these girls have some serious moves.

But not only are we seeing the dancer side of Gomez, but we're seeing a much sexier side of her as well. Dressed in pants, a midriff baring tank top, and plaid shirt tied around her waist, the singer and actress whips her hair around and gets all seductive with her moves, that we think she's been spending time watching some of our queen Britney Spears' videos!

But girls will be girls, and we'd be lying if we said we never did the same thing as Gomez back in the day... we just didn't have a thing such as YouTube to showcase our abilities -- we're old.

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