If you are searching for a fun date night or a way to occupy the kids, look no further than the Mystery Movie Night at Adventure Park! This outdoor showing is always a surprise, but it is bound to please. 

Through the remainder of June and July you can enjoy a different family friendly film (rated either G or PG) at the start of each week. Showings begin at 8:50 PM every Monday night and attendees can buy their tickets at the door when they arrive. 

Manager Joshua Kuhnley notes that “it's $5, which gets you entrance into the park to watch the movie and then guests also get popcorn.” Candy and drinks are available for purchase. In addition, patrons over 21 can buy adult beverages at their bar as well. However, outside food and drinks are not permitted.

Adventure Park
Photo Credit: Joshua Kuhnley

“Seatings begin at 8:30 PM and they're able to bring lawn chairs,” Kuhnley noted. Blankets are also welcome! Additionally, if you decide to get there early, Adventure Park has an array of other fantastic activities for the whole family to enjoy until the movie starts.

Best of all, unlike the past few weeks, Mother Nature has decided to make tonight's forecast absolutely perfect for outdoor activities! Our high temperatures will remain well below average this afternoon so expect the low 80’s for when the movie starts. Just keep in mind that there is a small chance for rain in the region during the overnight hours, so it will be a bit muggier outside. 

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