So recently I decided to experience what it was like to attend Girls Night Out as a guy and for the most part enjoyed the overall experience. I had a few questions after the show and wanted to know why the performers do what they do. So we spoke with one.

Lets Go Boys!

We spoke with Girls Night Out featured entertainer Anthony Lachman after the show to get an insight into what it's like performing and dancing for a living. Lachman got his start after being approached at the gym by a couple at 18-years-old who thought he had what it took to be a performer. The reason he does this line of work is because it's an expression of himself and lets him be in a positive situation where he can put a smile on peoples faces, even if it is sexy.

Let's Go Girls!

There might be some ladies who are reluctant to attend one of these show for fear of what might happen but it all depends on what you prefer. Shows do vary from crowd to crowd so it change in an instant but Lachman does suggest that those that are scared can sit in the back, grab a drink, and just enjoy from a far but not go on stage.


This line of work isn't for everyone as it can be a bit hard on your significant other/spouse because your job is to make other people want you. Feelings of jealousy, fear, and anger can arise in the industry when you date so even though you think being desired is a great job it can have some drawbacks. This isn't always the case and some relationships are able to leave the job at the stage and not focus on the shows.

Pull Back the Curtain

Lachman does advise that a huge part of the job is having an amazing physique and open personality that will treat every woman the way she deserves, the hottest thing on Earth. So attitude, laughter, and the most surprising is stage fright so you can fight it every night to put on a show so that women will want to come back. The ages can range for performers with some starting at 18-years-old all the way to 40-years-old, which is a prime age for men. So do you, or your significant other, have what it takes to be a male performer?

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