Rusev is a WWE Superstar and is doing just fine in his chosen career field. But Texas Tech head basketball coach Chris Beard needs to find out if he has any eligibility left for a run in the NCAA Tournament this season.

Just look at that sweet stroke on the Bulgarian Brute.

The super athlete has proven he has the skills to do what it takes in the squared circle, and I think this short video shows he could be an asset on the court as well. Just imagine handsome Rusev backing down in the post or setting a screen for Jarret Culver at the top of the key. The pick and roll with Rusev could be, nay would be dominant.

Also, if Rusev enrolls at Texas Tech, his wife Lana would be around by default and that wouldn't be the worst.

And to think, the Texas Tech schedule is out and they play every game on Rusev Day.

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