Amarillo has a major leg-up on Lubbock in one category in particular: food challenges. Not only does Amarillo have the world famous Big Texan 72-oz steak challenge, it also has a few fun spicy food gauntlets to run, like the ghost chili burger at Furrbie's.

Perhaps it's that Amarillo gets more passersby from Route 66, or maybe it's the lack of a major university that causes Amarillo to make its own fun. But it is just that - FUN. Lubbock, step up your game.

I love extremely spicy foods, and the closest I've found to the nuclear meltdown that is Furrbie's ghost chili burger is ordering anything extra spicy at Royal Indian Cuisine. Jeepers, they know how to make a girl sweat!

Anyway, here is me experiencing the adrenaline rush and the life-affirming pain of a burger that you can't even smell without burning the inside of your nose. And when you finish the burger, you get your picture on the wall. I'll pretty much eat anything for that honor.


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