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It's against a Lubbock city ordinance to leave your pets tethered outside during freezing or wet weather. It's also a horrible thing to do, especially if your animal is not equipped for such weather -- and chances are pretty good they are not.

From our friends at the Lubbock Animal Shelter:

With the forecast showing 4-6 inches of snow and bitter cold in the area Tuesday evening through Wednesday afternoon, LAS wants our citizens to show some West Texas Hospitality to the animals in our area!!🐾🐿🐇🐈🐕🐃🐎🐖
It is against city ordinance to tether or trap animals when there is moisture falling, snow on the ground or when the temps are under 32 degrees. Wildlife and livestock are able to withstand harsh conditions but our domestic friends need to be placed in a warm and dry place!!

Can you walk your pup in the snow? Sure! Just don't overdo it and be mindful of your dog's breed. A husky could play in the snow for hours. An English bulldog? Maybe 15 minutes. Just be sure to monitor your pet during their outside potty/playtime. And don't leave them tethered.

Animal cruelty is a felony in Texas now. It's also just a horrible thing to do.

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