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I wrote an article about a month ago talking about how Sony was shutting down the PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PSP stores in July in August, and why that was an awful idea. Thankfully, Sony has since backpedaled on this decision.

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan said that it was "clear we made the wrong decision." Polygon reported that the decision to close the stores was initially due to commerce support challenges for older systems. It also freed up time and resources to focus on newer systems.

All of that is fair, I think. I get it. The PS3 and PS Vita, decently old systems at this point, obviously won't be making as much money as, say, the PS4 or PS5, so ditching them and focusing on new stuff is understandable. But just because I understand the decision doesn't mean I don't still think it was a bad one.

I won't get too into it since I've already talked about it at length, but shutting these stores down just completely eliminates access to a ton of games that you can't get elsewhere.

I also don't want to sing praise for Sony just yet, since I think just swapping back and forth between complete fury and worship for a corporation isn't the way to do things. I'm happy they went back on the decision, of course, but it should've never happened to begin with.

All I can hope is that this sends a message to Sony and they won't screw up like this again, at least for a while.

Honestly, now I just feel sorry for anyone who went out and bought a whole bunch of games to now find out the stores are staying open. Maybe that's the real reason Sony reversed the decision. Maybe they saw the increased traffic and thought they could keep profiting off of it for a little bit? Who knows, really.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mentioned that while the PS3 and PS Vita stores will stay up, the PSP stores are still shutting down. For me, that's fine. The PSP is really damn old, and if you're still looking to download games for that thing off the PSN store, you honestly just need to find other options.

Or you can just grab a micro SD card, install some rom hacks on it and bam, any PSP or PS1 game you want. The legality of it is questionable, but it's an option.

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