Honestly I expected a little more from "Hunger Games" fans if only because being a "Hunger Games" fan means you know how to read, and people who read tend to be less ignorant than those who don't. But apparently a lot of people are complaining on Twitter that the characters Rue and Thresh are black in the movie.

WTF? is it the 1960's in the south all of a sudden? Not only does this show that there's still plenty of racism in America but it also shows that there are still plenty of stupid people in America. The characters are obviously black in the book. Rue is described as having, quote, "dark brown skin and eyes" and Thresh has, quote, "the same dark skin as Rue."

Here are some of the disgusting, ignorant and moronic Tweets collected by a site called Hunger Games Tweets:
"Why does Rue have to be black? Not gonna lie, kinda ruined the movie."
"Awkward moment when Rue is some black girl and not the innocent blonde girl you picture."
"Why is Rue a little black girl? #sticktothebookDUDE." (They did, moron.)
Those are nothing guys, follow this link and see just how cruel and moronic people can be. I'm warning you these that follow are very offensive.  Jezebel


It is after all 2012, and like it or not we are all stuck on this God forsaken rock together. Why do we still have to tolerate and accept people like this in our society?

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