How many of you out there watched "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood"? I have to confess I was never a big watcher of the show but I remember it being on. There was a reoccurring character on the show called "Purple Panda" and I have no memory of him at all. Apparently neither do these kiddos.
It was just a guy in a panda costume that was tinted purple, and lot of PBS stations still air reruns of the show, so kids today know about Purple Panda too. But apparently he's way more intimidating when you see him in person.  There's a video on YouTube of David Newell who played the mailman Mr. McFeely, visiting with kids at a daycare in southwestern Pennsylvania last week. And when he surprised them by bringing Purple Panda in the room, they all freaked out and started crying.

Why don't I remember this character?...

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