It's official! Psy's video for the super hit "Gangnam Style" is now the most watched YouTube video of all time. In just a few months it has racked up over 823 million views! That's more that MTV runs "Jersey Shore" episodes!

The biggest part is that is happened in just a few months, at least here in America. Psy has been huge in his native Korea for a little while before he hit it big here. Oh and Korean's are notorious for spending hours and hours on the internet every day. One guy even died after playing online video games for like 48 hours straight, so they use the internet more than most do.

Coming in at #2 on the list is still Justin Bieber's "Baby" with 805 mil, so I don't think he's crying about it.

So here's the original video, then below it is the video of Psy with MC Hammer at the American Music Awards.

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