Rapper/producer/designer Pharrell Williams has teamed up with gourmet grocery chain Dean & DeLuca for a new food-based product line. Williams obviously has a firm grasp on music and fashion, so why not infiltrate the culinary industry?

Pharrell and his family are reportedly launching a new product line called The Williams Family Kitchen with the support of Dean & DeLuca. According to a press release, Pharrell’s inspiration for the name and concept was inspired by his father Pharoah Williams and the line will feature products inspired by his family's "authentic Williams family recipes."

Beaming about the delicious foods he grew up on, Pharrell said, “His recipes are so good– my whole family is addicted to his cooking. Our father-son agreement was that he would make food with healthier ingredients that were a better choice for his lifestyle and would essentially help add years to his life.”

It looks like the product line not only aims to provide delicious food, but also health-conscious ingredients that provide consumers with the benefits of clean eating.

Outside of tapping into the Culinary Arts, Pharrell has been keeping busy giving back. In partnership with Yoobi, few weeks ago, Williams was photographed in a vibrant Tribe Called Quest t-shirt, gifting children with fresh new supplies for their journey back to school.

Williams launched ‘Yoobi x i am OTHER’, which is an exclusive school supply collection that features over 50 unique items with designs that were crafted by actual kids. With every dollar spent in purchases from the collection, a product of equal value is given to the Kids In Need Foundation. Fresh school supplies and delicious snacks can never be a bad thing. “The Williams Family Kitchen" food line will reportedly be available early Spring, 2017.


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