Isn't a wonderful thing?

Ashley Wirz,
Ashley Wirz,

Hey, I understand, why not go straight to the top with something as important as this. Throwing food should be a god-given American right.

The petition is obviously tongue-in-cheek, as this passage against the present ban states:

This is a xenophobic action to prevent the spread of the tortillabro culture from our great Red Raider nation and to silence our traditions and practices dating back to the beginning of time and the founding of the Matadors, who used to only eat tortillas.

I've never read too much into the throwing of tortillas at The Jones. I can understand where it can delay a game for cleanup, so I'd personally like to suggest a modified tradition.

How about this? How about an official statement that tortilla throwing would be allowed, only when the game clock has run out and the team has won? Not to be snarky, but the whole win thing would cut back on throwing, right? Oh, and I guess it would be tough to get folks to restrain themselves from throwing until the game was over too. Well, it was a good try.

As of this writing, the petition was nearing 7,000 signatures.


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