That's it, I'm going to Pound Town!

I love this story so much and I hope this happens. It looks a group wants to change the name of Dripping Springs, Texas to Pound Town. I laughed out loud writing that sentence because I have the maturity of a seven-year-old. Before you think it is a terrible idea, it actually is pretty genius.

The town name would actually be to honor the town founders, Dr. Joseph and Sarah Pound. Actual real people, not made up. Dr. Pound was the earliest doctor in Hays County. The Pound house served as a medical office and hospital, church, schoolhouse, post office and social gathering place for the fledgling community of Dripping Springs.

This seems like a great way to honor Dr. Pound, who was definitely a helpful part of the community. Here is what I don't like about this, the group has set up a GoFundMe page to try to make this happen. They say the money will go to 'fund a fun campaign that may or may not result in a ballot initiative, and at the very least we'll donate to Friends of the Pound House for upkeep and education at the historic homestead.'

I don't know if I just want to randomly give these folks money, however. I will give them money for a Pound Town shirt, which they're also selling. Hopefully, the people of Dripping Springs consider this, cause we all want to go to Pound Town.

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