The interview started off with an awkward bang, with the first question basically being, 'what was Kliff whispering in your ear on the cover of Texas Football?'

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It's a weird pose (albeit with some history behind it). It's a weirder lead in question for an interview. Mahomes' reponse was even more baffling: "He's not a big guy on photo shoots." What?

What does that even mean?

Kliff...doesn't like photo shoots?

He's a big guy elsewhere, but in front of a camera he shrinks?

Odd conversation.

Moving on.

The interview obviously got better from there; it couldn't have gotten worse.

One thing that has been undervalued during Mahomes' time at Texas Tech was how dominant he was as a pitcher in high school. As a junior, he tossed a no-hitter and had a game where he struck out 16 batters.

Mahomes didn't lament too much about missing the playoff run to state his senior year of high school or missing out on the Texas Tech baseball team's success this past season. Instead, he's focused on winning a Big 12 Championship for the football team.

Then, since it's a national interview with someone involved in Texas Tech football, Baker Mayfield was brought up.

Ashley Wirz,

What's the obvious connection between Mahomes and Mayfield? Both were forced into starting as true freshmen because of the ineptitude of Davis Webb, though Webb eventually won the job over Mayfield.

Mayfield also played an integral part in getting Mahomes to Lubbock in the first place, hosting him on both recruiting trips. They also both have similar playing styles. Mahomes has a stronger arm, but both show an innate ability to make plays. Even when it seems there's no play to be made.

Kliff Kingsbury, or Coach GQ in this interview, is then discussed. Mahomes calls him the best quarterback coach in the country, saying the trust Kingsbury has in him has allowed him to gain the confidence and experience that will help him be a much better player moving forward.

Ashley Wirz,

Mahomes is also very complimentary of his stable of skill positions. He listed all four running backs when discussing replacing the production DeAndre Washington and said the 2016 wide receiver group has the most depth of any receiving corps at Texas Tech ever.

I don't know how true that is, but they will definitely, as a group, be better than last year.

Mahomes also threw out some major props to the Lubbock fan base. Go Lubbock.


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