"Pretty much negative in every way possible." That's a pretty succinct summation of the game last Saturday. There were little to no positives to behold Saturday morning in Lubbock.

Mahomes said the team didn't play good enough to win the game and pointed to "the dumb mistakes, after-the-play late hits, the holdings that kill big plays, it just kills drives." Mahomes added: "We've gotta get that cleaned up."

Perhaps the most telling answer Mahomes offered in the post-game press conference was his response when asked if he was more surprised or shocked at what happened.

Mahomes responded: "Embarrassed. They told us all week they were gonna come in here and shut us out... and they pretty much did."

The Junior QB had no explanation for why the team was so flat. "It was like a dream or something that happened," he said, calling it "surreal."

These are all things that need to be figured out if Texas Tech wants to win another game this season. Even with the Big 12 being down this season, every team is still trying to beat you. If you can't at least be excited during a game, the other team will beat you.


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