A woman on Reddit shared her husband was enraged after she took his belongings — including his phone — home with her while he was in the hospital.

The 31-year-old woman explained her husband was recently involved in a car accident. Though the accident "wasn't serious," her husband was "kept at the hospital for some time to run some tests and do check ups on him."

Only she and his mother were able to visit him at the hospital after the accident. While there, the nurse handed her his belongings while he underwent several tests.

However, once he found out that she had his phone, he went off on her.

"He came home and found out that I kept his phone (along with his other stuff) with me while he was at the hospital," she wrote via Reddit, per Newsweek. "He picked a fight with me asking why I had possession of his phone without his consent ... and that I should've let his mom keep it."

The husband accused the woman of treating him as if he "had no authority" or "ability" to make his own decisions, and said he should have been the one to tell the nurses who he wanted to "entrust" his personal items with.

"He called me cruel for thinking like that while he was 'suffering' from the accident and being stuck in the 'f---ing' hospital," the woman added. "The argument got louder and eventually I had to step out of the room after his mom arrived and said I was stressing him out and needed to give him space and use that time to 'reflect' on what I did."

The woman also tried to explain to her husband that the nurse gave her the phone for safekeeping but he "verbally lashed out," accusing her of snooping through his phone and "disrespecting" his privacy.

"I had no history of doing such [a] thing, yes he claimed I did it in the past but I swear I never did," she continued. "Besides that, his mom and I don't talk to each other and it never occurred to me to let her have his stuff, seemed a bit illogical to me."

The woman concluded that her husband is known to be "paranoid" and is very "private." Now she's wondering if she was wrong for taking his belongings home as instructed by the nurse.

In the comments, however, Reddit users rallied behind the wife, with many suggesting her husband might possibly be cheating on her — hence why he was so upset she had access to his phone.

"I can't be the only person who thinks he must be cheating right? He didn't care if someone else (his mom) had his phone. He cared if YOU had his phone," one person wrote.

"It's common sense to give patient property to immediate family members. That means wife takes precedence over mother. Does he have something that he's hiding from his own wife for him to prefer that his mother keep his phone?" another commented.

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