Owl City — fronted by Adam Young — is back with a new single, ‘Alligator Sky,’ that is already creating a buzz in the pop world.

The singer, known for his deep lyrics and melodic music, will keep fans happy with the latest single. The tune is an escape for the listener, as the music takes you on a journey of its own while Young sings:

“Remember to breathe, because it’ll take your breath away / When the engines cough, and you blast off / Ignite the night with a firecracker flash / Remember to live, ’cause you’re gonna be thrilled to death / When the stars collide and your eyes grow wide / Take it in with your breath against the glass / Remember to dream because it’s gonna be a starry night / Over every town, if you look down”

During the chorus, Young continues to keep the listener intrigued with the various pieces of music and lyrics coming together as one, as he sings:

“Where was I when the rockets came to life? / And carried you away into the Alligator Sky? / Even though I’ll never know what’s up ahead / I’m never letting go / I’m never letting go!”

‘Alligator Sky’ is the first single from the forthcoming Owl City album titled ‘All Things Bright and Beautiful,’ which hits stores on May 17.

Story Courtesy of Alanna Conaway www.popcrush.com


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