PAINT Nail Bar is set to open in Lubbock as early as December, so what will make it different than any other manicure/ pedicure service? A few things, actually.

PAINT promises not only a luxury experience, but also a rigorously sanitary one. "All tools used during your nail service have been sterilized in a hospital grade AUTOCLAVE", according to their website. This is professional tattoo shop/hospital level sanitation that will help prevent fungal infections, Hepatitis C, warts and more.

Other safety measures are in place, such as the exclusion of whirlpool feet basins (which are so icky in my opinion) and LED lights in lieu of potentially harmful UV lights.

PAINT also provides the luxury, using only high-quality, vegan friendly and formaldehyde free Zoya polishes, along with a fume-free salon experience. You can also get elaborate nail art if you chose to have Instagram-worthy claws. PAINT also offers acrylic alternatives for healthier nails.

To keep up with PAINT's opening date, like them on their Facebook. Their social media team seems very attentive as well, so if you have questions, ask away!

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