One Direction remain the unchallenged Kings of beating decent promo tactics so far into the ground that they resurface somewhere on the opposite side of the Earth. And so it is, again, that they've released new material around 1:45 AM EST, this time in the form of their music video for current single "Drag Me Down."

Barring the relentless touring schedule, incessant rumors and disturbingly invasive nature of a vocal chunk of their fan base, it must be so great being in One Direction. They are rich and young and have such lustrous, thick hair -- even Niall, despite his countless, well-documented bleaching sessions -- which they all backcombed straight to high Heaven for this specific music video. Speaking of Heaven, or at least outer space, they used their boy band power to casually shoot "Drag Me Down" at NASA. Imagine if they'd actually won X Factor!?

We're gonna be real here -- nothing too complex happens in this video. The guys do some astronaut training, Harry enjoys time with a robot, Niall shows off his minuscule chest hair, Liam looks like he's about to pass out from dehydration while being pushed to the limit on that exercise bike and Louis is somehow trusted to operate heavy NASA machinery. Then the band is literally launched into space. While we'd like to imagine this is a self-referential nod to the haters who'd like to put them there themselves, we realize it is more likely a literal interpretation of the song's lyrics.

Because guess what? One Direction is starting a new chapter, they are hurtling well past our own stratosphere -- they are literally out-of-this-world -- and nobody can drag them down! Not even gravity, because it doesn’t exist in the vast expanses of space -- at least not in the same way it does on Earth. There is so much subtlety, such depth in this video.

And, you know, One Direction is no island -- we know this. They are nothing if not an amalgamation of each member's specific idiosyncrasies, all coming together to form the bundle of flying limbs and graceless movement you see before you. It would be blatantly unfair to single out any one member, you know? But have you seen Harry in this video? Further, have you ever seen a young man so convincingly masquerade about as the reanimated corpse of Mick Jagger, and look this good doing it? With skin as clear and bright as his future, Harry roars at the camera with a specific kind of unbridled fury -- like he’s angry, like he's determined to let you and me, but most importantly himself, know that he is, above all else, in it to win it.

This isn't just about Harry,of course,  but his weighted movements sum up One Direction's current status best, missing member and all: You can't ruffle the feathers of this magnificent beast, so don't even try it.

Check out the "Drag Me Down" video above.

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