We all have skimmed through them. Hurriedly scrolling down as fast as we can to click the Agree button just so we can get on with our daily lives. And every time they update them they make us do it again and again.

None of us read them, and now we know why.

#1.)  PayPal:  Their agreement is 36,275 words long.  That's 6,000 words longer than "Hamlet".  They spend 9,200 words just explaining their privacy policy.

#2.)  iTunes:  At 19,972 words, it's 1,800 words longer than "Macbeth".

#3.)  Windows Live:  14,714 words.

#4.)  Apple iOS 5:  13,366 words.

#5.)  Facebook:  11,195 words.

In other words, thankfully much fewer words, none of us would even have time to read them if we wanted to! I can't just plop down and cruise through hamlet in a few minutes when I'm trying to get a program running, or download a song or whatever.

So don't feel bad if you've never read them because even the people, or groups of people, that wrote them haven't read them.


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