Lately Punk'd has not had a full time host so it's been open season on everyone in Hollyweird to get even by hosting and episode. (FYI Justin Bieber gets Taylor Swift and it's a must see.) Nick Cannon aka Mariah's Boy Toy resently to his shaot and settled somw score. His mark? Demi Lovato and he gets her with one of the best Punk'd plots yet.

To set it up,  Demi had taken over a small intimate million dollar studio to lay down some new tracks and her friends and producer told her a story of a blonde haired white girl that had dies in that very studio. When Nick produces a blue tinted apparition (ghost) for Demi she loses it completely. Check this one out:

If you could punk someone who would it be? How would you do it? Maybe I could help on the radio? Muhahahahaha!

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