Following the June 18 murder of rapper XXXTentacion, a detective's sworn affidavit into the investigation of the case has revealed new information about the murder, and details how suspect Dedrick D. Williams may have chosen the rapper.

According to a report from The New York Times, Williams and an accomplice followed XXXTentacion into the RIVA Motorsports store in Deerfield Beach, Fla., where the rapper was shot and killed. The affidavit states that XXXTentacion was followed by Williams and the other man into the store. The suspects even walked by the rapper as they used cash to purchase a black mask from the store.

As XXXTentacion tried to leave the area in his vehicle, his car was blocked by an SUV driven by Williams and the accomplice. The armed suspects "demanded property" from XXXTentacion and after "a brief struggle," the 20-year-old was shot.

Surveillance footage from the store helped police locate Williams but the biggest piece of evidence the had against him was a pair of bright orange sandals he wore. Authorities were able to find photos of him on social media wearing the same pair.

Williams was previously arrested on Wednesday (June 20) and charged with first-degree murder, probation violation for theft of a car motor vehicle and driving without a valid license. Witnesses were able to identify Williams after being shown his photo. The second suspect remains at large.

Following the rapper's untimely death, his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, revealed he was expecting a child. Bernard posted a photo of a sonogram from April and wrote, "He left us a final gift."

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