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Whether or not this is all actually a joke, we gotta talk about this.

There's a trend going around on TikTok right now. A lot of users are saying that a group of people have declared Saturday, April 24th as "National Rape Day." It seems like most people don't know how this originated, and I'm definitely not digging through TikTok to try and find an origin video that's likely already been deleted.

Now, I'm on the internet...a lot. I have experience with a lot of degenerate humor. When you're behind a screen, it's easy to just let anything you want to say out. Therefore, it's easy to assume this is just another edgy attempt at either being outrageously offensive for the sake of "comedy," or someone out there is just trying to rile people up. If it's the latter, it definitely worked.

However, despite me initially thinking this is all just a joke (and it likely is), a lot of people are concerned.

Multiple users have taken to TikTok, Twitter and other social media sites to give caution. KAMC News showed us this video from @showme_yourmask:

Whether or not this is actually a joke, could you imagine if something actually happened on April 24th?

Look, I get that some people are gonna tell me and everyone else that it's just a joke and to let it slide, but it's 2021, man. That doesn't fly anymore. We can't just be asses and deflect blame by saying it's a joke. Just don't to it in the first place, maybe? You could just, like, not be a human toilet?

Regardless of whether or not people are actually serious about this, stay safe out there, friends. <3

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