So against my better judgement and against the wishes of my family and friends I have decided to let you into my crazy life via video.  My world is full of fun and crazy Meskin's who love to dance.  Enjoy my personal videos caught on my phone.  You'll see my Godson, my cousin, my nephew, my friends...oh but you won't see me.  LOL.  Welcome to my Vida crazy life! This is what happens when you're related or friends with Nate end up on my youtube channel!!!!  Subscribe and view at

1. My Godson Eian....boy is a clown. He's 3 and a half and his hobbies include sarcasm and dancing to kids shows.

2. My friend Liz at my cousin's wedding. She was the maid of honor and had never worn a dress before this. She also does stand up comedy here in Lubbock and around West Texas. Liz Castillo...look her up on Facebook.

3. My nephew KJ dancing at target a few years back. Most loveable kid you'll ever meet.

4. A fellow DJ and excoworker of mine KID VICIOUS. AFter a couple of drinks he puts on his old Halloween costume and has a ball.

5. Again Liz Castillo ensues madness after her play debuts at Sul Ross University. My family and friends decide a "Mexican Hat Dance" is needed to celebrate the play's success.

6. I don't know this girl but she thought she knew me. Some random drunk girl at Buffalo Wild Wings

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