According to a press release I just received,

"Naked behind a banner that reads, "Clean Your Conscience: Go Vegan! 1 lb. of Meat Equals 6 Months of Showers," two PETA beauties will shower on a sidewalk together in Lubbock to let consumers know that the best thing that they can do to curb Texas' extensive drought is to go vegan."

Personally I'm not making the connection between showering in public on a street and SAVING water to stave off the drought. But to each their own jacked up ideas, right? Anyway...

Yes you read that right, we will have some naked beauties showering on a street corner at University and Broadway tomorrow (Thursday Aug. 25th) at noon. I'm sure we'll have pictures of the great event tomorrow for you if you care. Until then enjoy some video of the same event previously in LA.

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