The defense attorney for murder suspect Mark Anthony Bethel is seeking a reduced bond so her client can be released from jail after his brother allegedly confessed to the crime.

Bethel is a suspect in last October’s double murder that claimed the lives of Shawn Summers and Jessica Ann Payton.

KAMC News reports the suspect’s brother David Bethel, who was also arrested and charged with one count of murder, confessed to the crime in jail mail sent to Mark Bethel.

David Bethel wrote: "I was on dope and drunk and I’ll be punished for what I did, I may never see my mother again."

David Bethel, Lubbock County Detention Center
David Bethel, Lubbock County Detention Center

According to defense attorney Laurie Key, Mark Bethel’s jail mail contained opposite sentiments claiming his innocence.

In addition, KAMC news reports Key told U.S District Judge Jim Bob Darnell that after eight months no physical evidence has been found linking her client to the murder and that Mark Bethel’s time card at work indicates he was working when the murders took place.

At this time, Mark is being held at the Lubbock County Detention Center in lieu of $400,000 bond, a judge will make a ruling on a reduced bond in the next few days.

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