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The mother of a person who was murdered just days earlier was shot at on West Loop 289 in Lubbock.

KAMC News reports that it happened on Tuesday, February 15th a bit after 1 a.m. The mother of recently deceased 21-year-old Cypress Ramos had asked someone to drive her to the storage units where they were killed.

The pair made it to the location, and as they were leaving the driver noticed another vehicle. They say the other vehicle had "plenty of room on the road." However, it passed the two and brake checked them. Neither of the victims knew who the driver of the other vehicle was.

The two drove to the 1900 block of West Loop 289 when the driver noticed the suspect pointing a pistol in their direction from the other car. Shots rang out, but neither of the victims were injured. The car was also unscathed.

The driver said that he thought the suspect was a Hispanic male, but the mother said she thought he was a white male. No further description of the suspect was made available.

Lubbock police believe that this case was an aggravated assault that happened to be on a highway, not road rage. Whether or not the two victims were specifically targeted wasn't made immediately clear.

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