If you've ever thought to yourself, 'I'd really like to own the BMW of refrigerators,' the Samsung Family Hub is just that.

It's got a gorgeous design, awesome tech, and available in three designer colors, including the very chic Tuscan Stainless. (Okay, maybe you never thought that, but you're probably thinking it now.)

You could be the proud owner of one of these top-of-the-line appliances for free by entering at Lubbock's Morrison Supply Showroom, located at 7705 Quaker Ave.

It's a locals-only contest, so your odds of winning are phenomenal. The contest will run until about mid-December, but enter early so you don't forget.

While you're at Morrison, you'll be blown away by their amazing selection of quality home appliances, plumbing fixtures, lighting and more. Many of their kitchen displays are "live," so you can see ice makers and more in action.

Additionally, their prices are comparable to big box stores, so if you want to browse, let's say a copper hammered bathroom sink, you don't have to wade through sawdust and circular saws to get there. It's a lovely, well-designed store.

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