Merry Christmas to all, it's rough in the streets so get keep your game tight this year! That is my official 2013 Christmas message for you this year. Lock your cars and make sure that the Santa ringing the bell is the real deal. Desperate people will result to desperate measures.

A family that robs together stays together right? A family of nine knock over a Toys R Us in just 20 minutes. Surveillance cameras were rolling when a family of nine came into the Toys "R" Us store in central Florida. There was a mother, a father and 7 kids between the ages of 3 and 13.

Video from the security cameras show the kids going to the electronics section of the toy store, where the tablets are on display.

According to investigators, the children appeared in and out of the video as if they were climbing under the cabinets. Store management at the Toys "R"  Us told the sheriff's office they feel the parents had instructed the kids to undo the security devices that were attached to the tablets.

Investigators believe the kids succeeded in removing two of the security devices from the tablets.The parents then walked by the shelves and took two of the tablets and the whole family left the store together.

The video shows they were in the store for about 20 minutes. The two tablets they took, a Tabeo E2 and a Polaroid 10.1,  were worth over $300 dollars.

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