Mindy Kaling was asked to speak at Harvard Law School's commencement ceremony last night, May 29, and boy, did she deliver.

The actress and comedian -- best known for her eponymous sitcom, 'The Mindy Project' -- returned to her hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts to give Harvard Law grads some advice -- and plenty of laughs.

Throughout the 17-minute speech (which you can watch in the video above), Kaling touches on a wide variety of topics, including how she knows a lot about law ("I sue everybody," she quipped), how only special celebs like she and "noted drunk driver Justin Bieber" have local burgers named after them and even calling out notable Harvard Law alumni like President Barack Obama and Elle Woods of 'Legally Blonde.'

But ultimately, her speech was humble and uplifting, inspiring those recent grads to go out into the world and make a difference.

"I look at all of you, and see America's future. Attorneys, corporate lawyers, public prosecutors, judges, politicians, maybe even the President of the United States," she concluded. "Those are all positions of such great influence. Understand that one day, you will have the power to make a difference -- so, use it well."

Check out Mindy Kaling's Harvard Law speech in the video above.

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