Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato: two outspoken, socially conscious, Grammy Award-nominated former Disney pop princesses who enjoyed partaking in a little bit of 420 now and again with Joe Jonas back in the good ol' days.

And, based on this oh-so-brief interaction caught at the Women's March in LA back at the end of January, the two former BFFs now interact with all the same chemistry as accidentally bumping into a high school acquaintance you haven't spoken to since graduation while waiting in the check-out line at Rite Aid.

A video of the interaction, which is currently going viral, shows the Confident singer coming in to say hey — to which Miley responds with a "Hey! Happy New Year!" and a quick hug.

"Dude, I've had to pee so f--king bad and there's nowhere to go, and it's just so gnarly," Miley then abruptly declared before quickly sliding back into the throng of marchers. And just like that, the reunion was over.

Okay, so: they may not still exactly be the bestest of buddies in 2017. Nice that they acknowledged each other though, right? #disneyhighclassof09 forever. Watch above.

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